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Anti –Bullying Campaign

Dr Brenda Matthews, Ph.D (Psychology), gave an inspiring talk at the school assembly in support of the WCED (Metropole South), in August 2018.

She told the learners that as a child she had been bullied but had succeeded in turning her experience into a positive outcome. It was while researching bullying that she realised how widespread it was, and how broad its definition.

With ‘Cyber bullying’ being the emphasis – she told about how insidious and dangerous, it can be - Taking place as it can, in one’s home and also having a wider audience. It can have devastating consequences on the person being bullied, as well as their family and friends. It was important for the bullied person, she said, to speak to someone they trust, and not to suffer in silence while carrying this burden.

The learners were not only informed about the different types of bullying and the tell-tale signs, but were also shown a video on how to combat it. It was very effective as bullying is also a scourge at our school. The learners were very positive about the presentation and spoke openly about their experiences to the class teachers afterwards.

Dr Matthews has a very good rapport with the learners of Glendale Secondary. When she started her speech, from her personal experiences of being bullied, she captured the attention of the learners and they listened intently.

We wish to thank Dr Matthews for a very positive presentation that touched our learners, as well as our educators. The phrase ‘BE BUDDIES, NOT BULLIES’ reverberated along the corridors and the entire day.

Keep up the good work!

Regards The Staff of Glendale Secondary

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